Do you have leather boots that need some cleaning? To clean these boots can be a daunting task because if they are not cleaned properly, they can quickly become stained and scuffed. But not to worry! Chelsea Bootsmaker is here to help with how to Clean Leather Boots.

Leather shoes are Loved by people all across the globe. You don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to clean your leather boots on your own. Let Chelsea Bootsmaker take care of it for you – we know how to clean leather boots the right way. We use high-quality products and techniques to get your boots looking like new again.

Men’s closets are full of different types of shoes. Mostly, Men are crazy about Leather shoes and that’s why you can find different types and designs of Leather shoes in a Men’s wardrobe. These shoes are made up of leather and that’s why they are super durable. Leather shoes are stylish, comfortable and the most versatile Men shoes.

Why Need to Clean Leather Boots?

Leather boots can be a challenge to keep clean. Not cleaning your leather boots can lead to some pretty nasty consequences- like permanent staining and even damage to the boot itself.

Preserving and cleaning leather shoes is one of the most important things that every man should care about.   Rainy weather and walking through dust and mud might cause severe damage to your leather boots. Even high-quality and expensive leather shoes like black Chelsea boots can be ruined if you are not taking proper care of them. 

Below is a brief but basic guide on How to clean your leather boots. Let’s have a look at it. 

Types of Leather Shoes

Before jumping to “How to Clean Leather Boots” it’s important to figure out what types of leather boots you own. Leather boots are made up of different materials, depending upon the material used, There are 3 main types of leather boots for men. 

Real Leather: 

Real leather shoes have been in fashion for centuries. It is really difficult to keep real leather fresh but somehow our experts are managing to keep real leather products safe and sound. Real leather comes from goat and cowhides and is used in the production of different leather items like shoes, boots, bags, and jackets. Real leather products are very expensive. 

Faux/Synthetic/Artificial Leather: 

Faux Leather shoes are less expensive as compared to real leather. They are commonly in fashion because they cost less and they have fewer effects on the environment too. Faux or synthetic Leather shoes are also very durable and stylish. 

Suede Shoes: 

Suede shoes have been fashionable since the late 1900s. They are a good alternative to faux and real leather. These shoes are comparatively less expensive and are lightweight. Suede Shoes are also very durable and they come in different varieties. 

How to Clean Leather Boots – A Step by-Step Guide

Clean Leather Boots

Once you have figured out the type of leather boots you have, it becomes easier to clean them. Follow the step-by-step guide given below. 

Select the Right Spot: First of all, it is important to decide the venue for cleaning the shoes. It’s better to select the place with tiles. If you are inside any room then turn on the fan, or open windows because leather cleaning might cause some pungent smell.

Remove Laces: Now, remove the laces of your leather boots carefully. This step will help you to clean every spot of your leather boots. Plus it makes the cleaning process a lot easier. Once you have removed the laces, now examine them properly. If they are dirty then add them to laundry or if they are torn out replace them with another one. 

Brush away the Dirt: Now Place them on the floor or a newspaper and clean them using a brush or a cloth. A brush would be better as it will brush away all the dust or mud. 

Prepare soap Mixture: Now prepare a soap mixture, add some lukewarm water with soap and mix it gently. Now take a soft cloth and dip it in the soup mixture. Take it out and clean your leather boots with it carefully. 

Clean them Gently: Now use your hands to add a small quantity of water and remove the soap from the boots. 

Dry them Properly: Remove as much moisture as possible. And keep them at some dry and sunny place. You can also use a hairdryer. 

Apply Conditioner: After the leather boots are dry, use a leather conditioner or a shoe wax to give them extra shine. Conditioner keeps your leather boots fresh and shiny for a longer time. 

How to Store Leather Boots? 

Once you are done with cleaning and conditioning your leather boots, it’s time to store them in the right place. Always make sure that your leather boots are stored at a place where they could catch dust or water easily. So always pack them using a newspaper, roll a newspaper all over your boots and then put them into a shoebox.

Place this box in your wardrobe and take it out whenever you need them. Use an odor-removing spray if they stick.


Here are a few tips to preserve and clean your leather boots. These are simple yet the most useful and effective things to do to increase the life of your leather boots. 

How do you clean your leather shoes? Share your cleaning tips and ideas with us in the comment section below. 

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