Do you want to know how to wear ankle boots with jeans? Ankle boots are a stylish and versatile footwear option that can be worn in many different ways. With the right styling, they can look great with jeans. If you’re looking for a new way to style your jeans, why not try wearing them with ankle boots? This combination is sure to turn heads.

There are many different types of boots and jeans nowadays. Sometimes I get confused about which jeans will look perfect with ankle boots and which not. With the changing trends, it is really important to upgrade your style information too. So here in the content below, I am going to guide you guys on how to wear ankle boots with jeans. 

Remember that the foundation of any good Winter/Autumn outfit depends on the two major components i.e a good durable pair of boots and a Good Quality of jeans. It is very important to decide which boot pair is best to keep you safe from weather conditions, as well as give you the ultimate stylish look. 

Few Simple Tips to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

So just by keeping a few simple tips in your mind, you can ace boots and a jeans look. Mix them up every day and create unique daily looks. 

Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans

Tucking your Jeans into your Ankle High Boots: 

Ankle-high boots are perfect for winters, as they give your feet and ankle complete coverage, and keep them warm and safe. If you are going to face extreme weather conditions like cold winds, snowfall, hailing, etc then the best thing to do is to try “Tucking jeans into boot”. For this look, always select skin-tight jeans. Tickle it into ankle-high boots and protect yourself against cold weather. 

Selecting loose or bell-bottom jeans is not going to be a great idea so be careful. 

Cuffed Jeans with Ankle-High Boots: 

Denim pants are versatile, so they can be worn in tons of ways. Denim pants are perfect for every casual occasion and the best part is you can create any look using jeans pants. Have you ever cuffed your jeans to complement ankle boots? If not then give it a try. Cuffing denim pants is one of the best ways to show your ankle-high boots, and create the best casual look. Cuffed jeans look super chic. On the other hand, it will serve the purpose of showing off your oh-so-expensive ankle-high boots. 

For creating this look, you can select any jeans, skin-tight or loose bottom jeans both are great. This super casual and stylish look is perfect for daily casual gatherings like friends hangouts, dinners with colleagues, Birthday parties, etc. 

So try this look right away and let us know about it in the comment section below. 

Select Color Wisely: 

There is one general rule while pairing up jeans with boots and that is “Never go for matching colors”. It is important to mix and match contrast boots and jeans to complement each other. Wearing blue jeans with blue ankle-high boots, does seem good? no ? of course it won’t look very nice until it’s black? The all-black look is in fashion and it will stay in style forever. 

So in simple words. Color choice is very important. Like blue jeans with dark brown ankle-high boots, or light blue jeans with black Chelsea boots, etc. 

Strike a Balance: 

Always Remember that Balance is very important. By balance, I mean a Proper proportion of everything. While styling yourself it’s important to notice that either everything is in balance or it’s looking awkward? For instance a Pair of elegant Chelsea boots with wide-leg denim pants, it’s out of balance and will not work at all. Similarly, a pair of long boots with slim-fit jeans, is weird no? 

So always be sure that your boots are complementing jeans and vice versa. 

Stacking Jeans with Ankle High Boots: 

Stacking jeans looks more casual than cuffed or tucked-in jeans. Stacking jeans means Scrunching them up so that they just fall above where your shoes end. Stacking jeans is the best idea to show off both jeans and boots at the same time. For creating this look, you might just need high-waisted denim pants. High-waisted denim pants are so chic, stylish, and best to create different casual looks. 

This look is perfect for casual meet-ups like parties, dinners, brunches, and catching up with your loved ones.

How Do I Make my Chelsea Boots Tighter Around my Ankles?

Chelsea boots are one of the most comfortable boots ever designed for men. These boots are ankle-high with two elastic panels both on each side. Chelsea boots are fitted boots, usually very true to their size. That’s why it’s essential to buy the pair precisely according to your size. But if you have made a mistake and the Chelsea boots are loose around your ankle, don’t worry. There are several ways to make them tiger around your ankle. 

Let’s find out how. 

  • Wear thick leggings to fill the space between your ankle and the boot surface. 
  • If you live in a cold region, then wearing double socks also works. It fills the extra space while keeping your feet warm and cozy.
  • You can also use a few fashion tape strips to stick the boot to your ankle.
  • Fill the gap between the ankle and boots with other materials like a rolled-up card or a cloth. This would prevent any slouching. 
  • Place a small piece of cloth in front of your toe. 
  • Tighten the elastic panels of the boot by dapping a wet cloth over them. Let it dry. Repeat the process until you get the required results. 


So here is how to wear ankle boots with jeans. Ankle boots are no doubt one of the most stylish and versatile men’s boots. These boots are timeless, so you can wear them anytime, in any season. The same goes with Men jeans, they are perfect for any casual or semi-formal occasion and never go out of style anytime soon. So how about making a new relationship with the Boots and jeans? 

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