As soon as the cold weather approaches, you must pack up your sandals and canvas and take out the warm and elegant Chelsea boots. Winter demands a quick wardrobe change, and you must go for the stuff that keeps you warm, cozy and protected on colder days. Chelsea boots, no doubt, are one of the best footwear options for colder regions. These boots are made of leather, highly protective and warm, and at the same time, they keep you super stylish too. In addition, many Chelsea boots are suitable for snow as they are waterproof and best for slight rains. But here the question is: Can you wear Chelsea boots in heavy rains? Are they fully waterproof or not? 

To find out the answer to this question, keep reading below. 

Are Chelsea Boots Best for Rain? 

Chelsea boots are durable, comfortable, and warm boots. They will keep your feet dry and protected during brief exposure to Rain. But the Chelsea pair is not ideal for long elevated rains and snow. They are mostly made of leather and suede, and both these materials are not fully waterproof. Chelsea leather boots need a proper guide for cleaning them. Similarly, the elastic panels on both sides don’t give you as much water protection as is required for heavy rains. 

Different brands prepare different types and designs of Chelsea boots. Some brands offer highly water-resistant boots, but on the other hand, few have less water resistance. But do you know the interesting fact that it’s possible to make your Chelsea boots waterproof? 

Yes, that’s true; there are two most common ways to make your boots waterproof, though these methods are temporary and will keep your shoes safe and protected for shorter periods. 

As we know, exposing leather boots to Rain and snow is a bad idea. Water makes leather dry and cracky hence ruining its shine and durability. So If you want to extend the lifespan of your boots, waterproofing is an excellent idea.

Silicone Spray: 

One of the best and most convenient ways of making your boots waterproof is “silicone Spray.” This spray will give maximum protection to your boot surface and improve their life span. All you need to do is clean the boot’s surface properly with a dry cloth and ensure the surface is dry and there are no dust particles over it. Now use the Silicone spray all over the surface and let it dry. This method works for a few days. Then, repeat the process every week. 


Boot wax is another effective technique to make your Chelsea boots waterproof. The wax stays on the boot surface for a longer time. Hence it gives a shiny effect while keeping it safe and protected. Make sure you have cleaned the surface properly before applying wax. Now, Rub the wax in a thin layer over the surface of your boot. Let It dry, and enjoy your newly waterproofed boots.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned techniques tell better that Can you Wear Chelsea Boots in the Rain. So by implementing them you can make your Chelsea boots waterproof temporarily. Using these techniques, you can wear Chelsea during light rainfall and snow. 

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