Chelsea bootmaker is a trustable brand that is inspired by Chelsea in London. Chelsea began to create shoes almost 300 years ago, sometime between 1790-1825 when military uniforms became increasingly popular in England. The current design is influenced by the uniform worn during World War I.

The way that it develops from ancient to the current time, has been investigated by us. So due to our deep study, we are better qualified than anyone else to handle the design and quality of shoes.

Our Strategy

As a company, we always have a different perspective. We build every pair of shoes with advanced technology, creating a product that is tailor-made for the modern world through the use of superior construction techniques, materials, and technologies. In addition to its biomechanics, we examined the way it moves at work, when it is resting, and when it is playing.

Why Choose Us

What makes us unique is:

  • Our ability to come up with brilliant ideas.
  • To keep your feet healthy and happy, we looked
    at what a shoe takes.
  • Knowing what you need allows us to design the
    ideal footwear for you.